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Our Founding Families

Bill & Karen Wild
Mark & Monica Savage
James & Charlene Smith
Tim & Kathy Nicholas
Keith & Shannon Miller
The Bennett Family

Our History

In 2005, SWLAHAC was founded when some parents discovered their children's love for sports and nothing was offered to them at a high school level.  After researching, it was discovered that there was a league available in Louisiana where a home school team could compete. Five families came together and formed a Varsity Boys Basketball team. The following year a Varsity Girls Basketball team was formed.  By year 4, a Soccer team was formed. Soon we were able to form teams for Baseball and Softball. In 2011, the first Football team was formed and in 2013 the first Girls Volleyball team was formed along with Cheer. In 2015, we had our first Track meet and we formed a Pep Squad. Over the years we have grown from 7 athletes to over 100 involved in all the sports.

SWLAHAC from the beginning joined a league, ACEL, that is committed to providing athletes with competitive games while being grounded in Christian values. We have always stayed committed to both of these goals:  Competition and Christianity.

Our Mission

Southwest Louisiana Homeschool Athletic Club is dedicated to the belief that a comprehensive education for young individuals extends beyond academics to include active participation in sports. As a volunteer-driven organization, we serve homeschool children in the Lake Charles Area of Southwest Louisiana, providing young men and women, both teenagers and pre-teens, the chance to engage in organized sports within a Christian environment.
We are proud members of the Association of Christian Educators of Louisiana, aligning our values with a broader network dedicated to fostering Christian education principles. In our commitment to enriching the experiences of our participants, SWLAHAC actively seeks more opportunities through tournaments and actively participates in the National Christian Homeschool Championships. Through these avenues, we aim to contribute to the holistic development of our participants, nurturing both their physical and spiritual well-being. By blending athletics with a Christian environment, SWLAHAC endeavors to instill valuable life skills and promote a balanced educational experience for homeschooling families in our community.

SWLAHAC is governed by its members, consisting of families that participate in the activities of the organization.


View the Eligibility Guidelines set forth by our national organization, National Christian Homeschool Championship (NCHC), and check the Eligibility Guidelines of The Association of Christian Educators of Louisiana (ACEL) to see if you are eligible to participate in the Southwest Louisiana Homeschool Athletic Club.


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