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Welcome to our volleyball program, where we offer a range of opportunities for players to develop their skills, compete at high levels, and achieve excellence.


Our program includes:

  • Two Tournament-Only Teams for experienced 16U and 18U players

  • Varsity Girls & Junior Varsity Teams (based on interest) competing in ACEL Volleyball

  • Boys Varsity Team competing in ACEL Volleyball

  • 7th & 8th Grade Girls Teams competing in CCAL Volleyball

Our volleyball teams consistently demonstrate outstanding performance and sportsmanship, making us proud competitors on the state and national stages. Each season, our athletes showcase their dedication, teamwork, and skill, achieving remarkable success and earning numerous accolades.

Join us as we continue to strive for excellence, build strong team dynamics, and create lasting memories on and off the court. Stay connected for updates, match schedules, and highlights from our thrilling volleyball journey.

2023/2024 Nationals 18U D2 Silver Ball Showcase Showdown Champions
2023/24 Nationals 18U D2 Silver Ball Champions
2023/24 ACEL State Champions
019/20 3rd Place
2018/19 State Runner Up
2017/18 State Champions
2016/17 State Runner Up
2015/16 State Runner Up

Junior Varsity
2023/24 Nationals 16U Undisputed National Champions
2023/24 Nationals 16U D1 Gold Ball Champions
2023/24 ACEL State Champions
2022/23 Nationals
 16U D2 SBSS Champions
2022/23 Nationals 16U D2 Silver Ball Champions
2022/23 State Runner Up
2020/21 State Runner Up
2019/20 State Runner Up

2018/19 3rd Place
2017/18 State Runner Up
2016/17 State Runner Up
2015/16 State Runner Up
2014/15 State Champions

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